EBF: Yard Sale

((A letter from EBF’s current Moderator, Dale Baer))

Dear members, former members, and friends of Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship,

Greetings! As Moderator this year, I promised myself that I would try to minimize the expense we have in our two storage units. Many of you know that we ‘temporarily’ stored items when we moved to our present, smaller, more affordable location on Park Road almost three years ago. Since then we have spent over $2,000 on storing these items. My thought is that anything we could replace for $2,000 should probably not be stored anymore. When we moved to our Park Road location, we were very close to supporting ourselves. Since then, however, due to deaths, moving, and other normal things, we find ourselves about $1,000/ month short of required funds to operate.

HERE is a list of things we have in storage. We have offered them to our current members. Since you may have donated some of these items or may know of someone or an organization that might have a use for them, we want to offer them to you as well. I ask that you make a donation to the church in exchange for anything that you get. Consider it a payment or love gift. You may donate on-line or send a check to: EBF (117B Park Road. Lexington, SC 29072). Please contact me with anything you may be interested in by December 1.

Those of you who live in our area possibly could help us with another, happier problem! We need a larger space to meet. We especially need room for more chairs in our worship space as well as a space for our children and teenagers. Any leads you could provide us would be most appreciated.

Dale Baer, Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship Moderator