Thriving in Ministry

A few months ago, one of the clergywomen I had met while at seminary in Richmond reached out to me asking if I would be interested in a cohort for clergywomen living in the south who are in their first solo/senior pastorate call. It’s a pretty specific group, of which there are not many (female senior pastor in the south? Pass). Our group consists of one DOC in Virginia, Episcopalian in North Carolina, Baptist in South Carolina, UMC in Alabama, and PCUSA in Alabama. We’re the most ecumenical group of women.  high five

It was a pretty intense application process.  I had to get letters of support from leadership in the congregation and denomination, as well as references from other colleagues.  I had to update my call story and what I’ve been doing since being called to Emmanuel in February 2017 (spoiler alert, it’s a lot). We submitted our application and waited. 

Of all the applications, our group of was one of four selected to enter into a 15-month journey together! The next 15 months will consist of:

  • Retreats as a large group (with the other cohorts) in September (Equine therapy in Mississippi) March (Mexico!), and October (GERMANY!)

  • Zoom calls as a cohort (twice a month for about two hours each) to check in and offer support and accountability as we work towards our goals

  • Time away for just me

  • Cohort trip in May to the Festival of Homiletics in Atlanta

  • Congregational training led by the Director of the program

  • Spiritual coaching AFTER the program

If you want to read a more detailed description of the program, check out their website (headshots and bios coming soon). This program is a big deal and a learning opportunity for all of us as we learn the best ways to take care of each other! 

My first retreat is September 2-6 in Flora, Mississippi, where I’ll spend time with horses and doing some enneagram work!