What Are We Missing?

Have you worshipped with us lately and thought, "do they know they're too big for this space?" The answer, of course, is yes! We're aware of it every single week. We no longer have room most Sundays for everyone to comfortably sit in worship. We have young families and need more space for our parents and newborns, as well as our wiggly children! EBF is cultivating a beautiful community, and it's clear we need more room.
Space Jam (the team created earlier this year to help us find a new space) has been meeting and in great discernment about possible locations for EBF to grow and thrive in.
In April, the church voted for this plan and criteria. Space Jam's ready for step 10 (recommend a space to Administrative Council), but before we do that, we want to know- are we missing anything? Have you driven by any properties you think are worth researching? Have you had a place in mind that we need to look into? Now's your chance! Submit the form to let Space Jam know of a location we need to look into. Please submit your form by Sunday, September 1!