Salt Shakers

Feeling disconnected? In need of deeper community?

Salt Shakers offers opportunities for EBF folx get to know each other better, over a meal around the table. Every meal, there’s a host who contacts the small group (between 6-8) to confirm a time. They’ll provide the space and main dish while everyone else brings a side dish, salad, and dessert.

The group will then rotate for another gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What day or time will we meet?

    • That’s completely up to your group! We hope that because it’s a small group that will meet, you will be able to choose one time that works well for everyone.

  • Who’s in my group?

    • The groups are completely random. Before the season is over, our hope is that you will have met every “shaker”!

  • What if I have dietary restrictions?

    • When your host contacts you for a date/time for a meal, let them know!

  • Are my kids welcome?

    • That’s up to you and your group! If your host’s house isn’t very kid-friendly, let’s switch you to another group, and we’ll make sure you get connected to that group some other way.

  • Do I have to host?

    • Nope! It’s a question on the sign-up sheet and you shouldn’t feel guilty for not wanting/able to host!

The deadline for the fall group has passed. Be sure to be on the look out in February for our spring group!