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Service of Lament and Remembrance

“When the season draws deeper and the darkness stretches over the day, the sun lingers longer on the world’s other side each morning and departs quicker in the twilight shadows of evening, we seek a word of promise that is not caught by the light, but waits for us anyway.

When the stars seem older and the night longer, the cold deeper and the colors bluer, then the season comes to a head and at the night’s longest point, we listen out for the breaking in of the light, strengthening as it pulls back the darkness to reveal the promise.

When the memories that accompany us make the season less merry and shake some of the meaning away, then we hold onto them amidst your words of care and grace nurturing the life within us, holding us firmly even in the darkness and accompanying us through this time.”

-Spill the Beans, issue 14

Earlier Event: December 2
Later Event: December 9