We hope you will consider joining us for Worship. We know visiting a church for the first time isn’t always easy, so we have provided some information about our services and what to expect. Contact us with any additional questions.

The Location
Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship meets at 117B Park Road. We share space with John's Artistic Ironworks.  Parking is available directly beside the building (including handicap parking) as well as across the street at the SCDMV.  On Sunday mornings, you'll often see our EBF logo on a yard sign since our permanent sign isn't always visible from the road.  We can't wait to welcome you into the space!

We moved into the space on Park Road in 2015 to rest and catch our breath. Now that we are energized and  growing, we have outgrown our space! Sunday mornings might feel a little tight for a bit, but know there is always room for you and/or your family. Please bear with us as we discern a new location for our Fellowship!

The Gathering
EBF is a laid back group, and this manifests from clothing, to attitude and structure. This means we have a worship style that is typical for us, but it isn’t unusual for us to stray from that. On a normal Sunday morning, you’ll walk into a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Sunday school is finishing up (unless you're in Sunday school), and our worship space is ready for you.  We have chairs, hymnals, a grand piano, communion table, and a pulpit.  We start with prayer, we sing, read Scripture, and listen to a sermon by our Pastor, Rev. Judith L. Myers.  We rely heavily on lay leadership and encourage any and every one to engage in worship.  

Our services last no more than an hour.  Typically, Church continues outside the walls with a dutch-treat lunch organized by those interested.

The Table
We receive Communion once a month.  Typically, we receive Communion through intinction. You are invited to the front of the space to take a piece of bread (gluten-free available), dip it into the cup (grape juice), and eat immediately while receiving a blessing. 

No matter your age, your membership (if there is one), the form of your baptism, or where you are on the journey with God, a place has been prepared for you at the table. So come and be fed! 

The Children
Children are always welcome in Worship. Even the loud ones. We have a prayground set up in the worship space for your restless ones.  It's a space in the corner with soft toys, books, and lots of coloring opportunities.  If you're not comfortable having your children in worship, we have qualified volunteers ready to teach your children about the all-encompassing, inclusive love of God!

The Welcome
We realize that a lot of churches say “all are welcome”, and that doesn’t necessarily mean what it should. We want to relay that if you would like us to be your community, we will be. We stand firm with the welcome you'll often hear at the very beginning of Worship:

"Welcome to you if you are: Male or female or a little bit of each; Queer or straight or a little bit of each; Black or brown or white or a little bit of each; Old or young or a little bit of each; Rich or poor or a little bit of each; Doubting or believing or a little bit of each." -Molly Phinney Baskette, Real Good Church